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OCEA OPV 270 Gabriela Silang awarded “Best Large Patrol Boat Award 2020”

26th January 2021


OCEA OPV 270 Gabriela Silang, designed and built by OCEA shipyard, has just been awarded for the “Best Large Patrol Boat 2020” by the Baird Work Boat World team.



About OCEA OPV 270 Award


“Gabriela Silang was a very brave and farsighted project on the parts of both builder and owner”.

Read the full article here



About Work Boat World Awards

Beforehand, Baird Maritime had reviewed many ships, much more than in previous year despite the coronavirus pandemic.  The aim of these awards is to highlight and reward the excellence of 2020 new ships. “As always, we try to make our awards on the basis of a combination of quality, innovation, reliability, utility, economy, sustainability and style. That is never easy but, after very careful consideration and discussion, the decisions have been made.”, said co-founder Nail Baird about.


“Gabriela Silang is a very appropriate multi-national winner of Baird Maritime’s Best Offshore patrol Vessel of 2020 Award”, as noted in the article.







  • OCEA-opv270_navigation_vue_babord
  • OCEA OPV 270

Characteristics of the ship

  • Length overall
    84.00 m
  • Capacity
    44 crew + 26 passengers
  • Speed
    20 knots
  • Endurance
    45 days
  • Range
    8000 nm @ 12 kts