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Maritime Safety
To watch, monitor
and secure
Auxiliary Vessels
To know, protect
and train
Mission Readiness
To complement the high-quality
specification of the Maritime Safety
  • Maritime Safety
  • Maritime Security
  • Auxiliary Vessels
  • Mission Readiness
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  • Fast Patrol Boats
  • Maritime Safety

To watch, monitor and secure your Exclusive Economic Zone

For a growing number of states, the ability to patrol and effectively police their Maritime Territory has taken on strategic importance. Patrolling maritime borders and countering criminal activity such as piracy, human trafficking and drugs smuggling are just some of these responsibilities.

To achieve your Maritime Safety missions, OCEA has developed a dedicated range of sea-proven fast patrol boat and offshore patrol vessel platforms.


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  • Maritime Security
  • Maritime Security

To intervene, escort and deter

In the appropriation and surveillance processes, Coast Guards and Navies organizations have to anticipate and reply to threats appealing to customized Maritime Security missions like coercive intervention, temporary control of a littoral area, escort or protection of High Value Assets or fight against asymmetric threats.

To bring you innovative and clean-cut solutions for your Maritime Security missions, OCEA has developed a dedicated range of interceptor and command boat platforms


  • Auxiliary Vessels OSV 190
  • Auxiliary – Landing Craft TROOPER 60
  • Auxiliary Vessels

To know, protect and train

Administrating the EEZ, managing the resources and the Blue Economy, supporting the law enforcement operations, training cadets and ratings are some of the wide variety of auxiliary missions under responsibility of the Coast Guards and Navies worldwide.

To achieve your Auxiliary missions, OCEA has developed a dedicated range of sea-proven offshore support vessel, landing craft and training vessel platforms.


  • Technical Assistance

To complement the high-quality specification of the Maritime Safety

Maritime Security and Auxiliary range of vessels, and perpetuate your investment, OCEA offers a comprehensive services program – Integrated Logistics Support, designed to meet your organization.

ILS includes technical documentation, technical assistance and customized technical and operational training for crew and maintenance teams alike.


Expand your control at sea

The E.E.Z. management is a challenge for every country in terms of sovereignty, economical issues, safety at sea and security. 



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OSV 115

Three OCEA vessels attending the Nigerian 68th anniversary ceremony

The 2 fast patrol boats of 32 m type OCEA FPB 98 "NNS CHALAWA" and "NNS ZUR", delivered to Nigeria in 2023 as well as the hydro-oceanographic vessel of 35 m type OCEA OSV 115 "NNS OCHUZOR" delivered this year were officially commissioning during the celebrations of the 68th anniversary of the Nigerian Navy.


June 2024

Fouladou launching

OCEA S.A. is today the French leader in Aluminium Shipbuilding.

Specialized in the design, building and support of aluminium vessels up to 90 m, OCEA S.A. has rapidly expanded since its establishment in 1987.

From the very beginning, OCEA S.A. created an internal design capacity and focused on the knowledge, management, operation and security of the maritime territory and operations inside the Exclusive Economic Zone area.

Customer focussed, OCEA tailors its solution to meet each customer’s specific operational requirement.

The design department of OCEA seek to optimise the hull design of each platform and the systems integration to ensure the operational efficiency and sustainability of our vessels.


To accompany our customers, and be “your partner all the way” OCEA developed a comprehensive service package offer