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OCEA FPB 110 « NNS NGURU » to the rescue of a Chinese-flagged fishing vessel

November 2020


On May 15, 2020, the Chinese vessel HAILUFANG II was attacked by pirates in the Gulf of Guinea, off the coast of Côte d'Ivoire. The ship had 18 crew members on board including Chinese, Ghanaian and Ivoirian nationals.

About 140 nautical miles south of Lagos, the ship previously hijacked by pirates has been intercepted by the Nigerian Navy FPB 110 “NNS NGURU”. About 25 minutes after a team of armored sailors boarded the vessel, the entire crew of the captured vessel was released unharmed and the 10 pirates were arrested.


The FPB110 « NNS NGURU » involved in this operation is a Fast Patrol Boat designed and built by OCEA to perform the following coast guard missions:

  • Law Enforcement Operations
  • Fight against illegal Fishing activities
  • Anti-smuggling and illegal immigration control
  • Search & rescue operations
  • Fight against Piracy
  • Pollution control

The ship had already recently dismantled illegal refining sites.

  • ocea_fpb110_nns_nguru_nigeria_mer

Characteristics of the ship

  • Length overall
    35.00 m
  • Capacity
    13 crew + 4 supernumerary
  • Speed
    28 knots
  • Endurance
    5 weeks