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OCEA delivers two additional C-Falcon for the Nigerian Navy

31st March 2021


The last two OCEA C-Falcon vessels (P 273 and P 274) among the four initially ordered left Saint-Nazaire by cargo and will be delivered in the next few days in Lagos to the Nigerian Navy.


The Nigerian Navy already took delivery of two C-Falcon vessels by the end of 2020: C-Falcon P 271 and P 272.


C-Falcon vessels from the Fast Interceptor Craft range are designed for coercive intervention, escort and deterrence in the field of security missions like:

  • Interception of vessels,
  • People release,
  • Infiltration / exfiltration,
  • General surveillance,
  • Ship inspection.


To fulfill the operational requirements of these missions, C-Falcon vessels offer the following features:

  • Very high speed,
  • Excellent sea keeping even in rough seas,
  • Shallow draft,
  • Boarding of other boats,
  • Beaching capability,
  • Short crash stop distance.​


These 17m aluminium-hulled craft are powered by two waterjets producing a top full-load speed of 40-50 knots. It can be fitted with a remotely-operated machine gun.


The C-Falcon can also deploy up to 16 troops or special forces and their gear to coastal areas. The vessel is operated by a crew of two with the passengers seated in a suitable fitted out area below deck. The hull is designed to be beached so that the forward ramp can then be lowered to quickly deploy the forces aboard.


Thanks to the continuous Integrated Logistics Support that OCEA has put in place for the Nigerian Navy, the fleet of vessels built by OCEA is and will remain in daily operation to the full satisfaction of the customer.

  • ocea_c-falcon_nigeria_12
  • ocea_c-falcon_nigeria

Characteristics of the ship

  • Length overall
    17.30 m
  • Capacity
    4 crew + 16 passengers
  • Speed
    40 knots
  • Range
    320 nm @ 40 kts