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November 2018: OCEA delivers the « P188 NNS EKULU » and « P187 NNS NGURU » to the Nigerian Navy (FPB 110 MKII)

This vessel is designed to ensure long Maritime Safety missions within the EEZ:

  • law enforcement operations in territorial and deep sea;
  • fight against illegal fishing activities;
  • anti-smuggling and illegal immigration control;
  • search & rescue operations;
  • fight against piracy;
  • fight against pollution;
  • control of vessels at sea;
  • natural resources and blue economy protection;
  • sovereignty.


  • length: 
    35.00 m
  • capacity: 
    13 Crew + 7 Passengers + 4 supernumeraries
  • speed: 
    28 knots
  • endurance: 
    5 days