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April 2021: Delivery of the OCEA OSV 190 SC-WB “NNS LANA” for the Nigerian Navy

The Nigerian Navy took possession of its latest and most advanced OSV 190 SC-WB, a hydrographic and oceanographic research vessel from OCEA's line of auxiliary vessels. The vessel will ensure the following missions:

  • Coastal and deep-sea scientific research and studies (hydrography, oceanography)
  • Fishing control
  • Surveillance of the Exclusive Economic Zone
  • Assistance and supplies to other boats
  • Helicopter winching operation
  • Towing of ships.

To carry out her missions, the ship is equipped with high-performance technical and scientific systems and equipment, in particular:

  • A deep water multibeam echosounder
  • A single beam depth-water sounder
  • A side scan sonar
  • A current meter
  • Means of sampling, storage and analysis of water, fish and sediment
  • Laboratory hardware and software
  • A 7,60 m Surface Vehicle equipped for data surveys along the coasts in small and very shallow waters.

Thus, OCEA OSV 190 SC-WB NNS LANA is equipped with the most up-to-date, accurate and high-performance sensors, to meet all mission requirements in coastal, deep sea and offshore waters.


  • length: 
    60.00 m
  • capacity: 
    40 Crew + 10 Personnel and Scientific staff
  • speed: 
    14 knots
  • endurance: 
    20 days