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Maritime Safety

  • River Internal Waters
  • Fast Patrol Boat Territorial Waters and Exclusive Economic Zone
  • Offshore Patrol Vessels Exclusive Economic Zone
Internal Waters Range

You have to ensure effective safety in maritime approaches, inland waterways and ports, and to support other border guards in coastal operations, OCEA designed the models of the Internal Waters Range for you.

These boats from 5 to 10 meters are equipped for coordinated operations in hostile environment. With very shallow draft, they combine high manoeuvrability, high speed and optimized endurance.


Territorial Waters

You ensure 2 to 5 days law enforcement missions, within the territorial waters, OCEA designed the models of the Territorial Waters Range for you.

Versatile and easy to operate, these boats combine adaptability and large flexibility. While remaining simple to operate and easy to maintain, these vessels provide the level of performance and reliability you need for these missions.


Exclusive Economic Zone

You ensure long Maritime Safety missions from one to two weeks within the EEZ, OCEA designed the Fast Patrol Boats of the EEZ Range for you.

Designed to operate as a real naval base at sea, these self-sufficient vessels display key design technology. Thanks to a combination of high speed and endurance, the high level of equipment and comfort enable the monitoring of a large operational area and the coordination of operations involving several boats like interceptors and ship-borne RIBs.

Offshore Patrol Vessels

Maritime Safety missions within the EEZ expand from patrolling maritime borders and countering criminal activity, up to defending national economic interests, protecting the marine environment, providing personnel transport, carrying out search and rescue or disaster relief operations.

Such a variety of roles requires a permanent offshore presence and to meet those strategic needs, maritime authorities require assets that offer real versatility.


The Offshore Patrol Vessel (OPV) range from OCEA are highly adaptable at a mission level, while also offering a cost-effective, low CO2 emission and robust platform that provides comfort and excellent sea-keeping performance with the necessary equipment for both detection and effective intervention.