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Expand your control at sea

Expand your control at sea

  • Challenges and obligations of States
  • A comprehensive offer
  • OCEA Approach

The E.E.Z. management is a challenge for every country in terms of sovereignty, economical issues, safety at sea and security. Whether for reasons of national security, maritime safety or law enforcement, there is an increasingly wide variety of missions for navies and coast guards to undertake.

To bring you innovative and clean-cut solutions, OCEA has developed its Coastal Surveillance offer in two complementary segments: Maritime Safety and Maritime Security.


This unique and customized approach enables OCEA to offer a more targeted study of the clients’ needs and more accurate and adapted solutions for each segment.



  • Schéma 1

Coast Guard and Navies have to manage economic and sovereignty issues:

  • Managing the resources and the Blue Economy
  • Securing the Economic Exclusive Zone (EEZ)
  • Responding to threats


While fulfilling their international duties:

  • Montego Bay convention
  • IMO requirements and cooperation
  • SOLAS, MARPOL rules…
Schéma 2

OCEA’s maritime safety and security offer, designed and developed to fulfil these challenges and obligations, is composed of three complementary ranges of vessels and a full service package.

  • C heron
  • FPB
  • OPV 190
  • OSV 190
  • Plongeurs

Maritime safety

  • To watch, monitor and secure the EEZ


Maritime security

  • To intervene, escort and deter



  • To know, protect and train


Full service package

  • Dedicated to Maritime Safety and Security missions
  • From advisory to on-site technical assistance
  • Including technical and operational training
  • Financing engineering

OCEA’s approach is Customer focused:

  • Responsive listening to customer’s needs to bring the ultimate solution
  • Men at the core of the design
  • Enhance the natural properties of aluminium
  • Permanent innovation policy for 30 years
  • OSV 190

OCEA tailors its solution to meet each customer’s specific operational requirement:

  • Three ranges of sea-proven platforms
  • Customised vessels thanks to the integrated design department
  • Comprehensive services package to accompany each customer on long term

The design department of OCEA seeks to optimise the hull design of each platform and the systems integration to ensure the operational efficiency and sustainability of our vessels. 


      Customer benefits:

      • Excellent seakeeping qualities
      • Optimised impact of the vessel on her environment
      • Wide operational versatility
      • Environmental-friendly and sustainable solutions
      • Reduced life cycle cost
      • Reduced greenhouse gas emission