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Auxiliary Vessels OCEA

Auxiliary Vessels

  • Offshore Support Vessels
  • Landing Crafts
  • Training Vessels
Offshore Support Vessels

For a growing number of States, to effectively know and manage their Exclusive Economic Zone has become a strategic factor.

Knowing the sea environmental picture, the seafloor or the living resources and their evolution are just some of these extensive responsibilities.

Managing and securing the maritime navigation and the blue economy are also part of the challenges and obligations for the countries.

To meet those needs, Maritime Authorities require environmentally friendly assets that offer versatility, enhanced multi-mission capability and operational efficiency.


OCEA factored those challenging requirements into the design of its Offshore Support Vessels (OSV) range to offer unrivalled performances and return on investment.

Auxiliary – Landing Craft TROOPER 60

To ensure their Maritime Safety and Security missions in remote areas, the Coast Guards and Navies need to transport and deploy personnel with their equipment on shore.

Low draft, fast speed, high load capability and beaching capability are just some of the key design of the OCEA landing craft and troop transportation boats.

Moreover, enhancing the natural properties of aluminium, the robust landing craft range of platforms from OCEA offers excellent seakeeping performances, reduced life-cycle cost and CO2 emission.

Auxiliary – Training Vessel 70

The human resources management is a key for the operational efficiency of the maritime safety and security of every country.

Developing the availability of ratings, selecting and training the cadets, managing and perpetuating the acquired skills are just some of the challenges for the Coast Guards and Navies worldwide.

To meet those needs, Maritime Authorities require assets especially designed and equipped for the instruction and the on the job training of the newly recruited and cadets, while offering versatility and multi-mission capability to support the missions of the active fleet.


OCEA developed its Training Vessels (TV) range and related services to offer comprehensive educational facilities and effective transfer of operational skills.